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A little history...

It all began in 2007 from the vision of one woman with a desire to make a difference to the woman of Africa. Our particular emphasis is on widows who have the task of caring for orphaned children as a result of the AIDS epidemic in particular, but also includes helping out with other women's issues with an eye to empowering women to control their own future and that of their children and grandchildren.

Since its beginning, with a few ladies, our group has grown to have almost 100 on our Contact List and approximately 35 who come to work each week. In 2008, we were given a wonderful boost as two 'satellite' groups joined our endeavour. 'The Pointer Stitchers' of Westbank and 'G to G Saskatoon' were birthed and became an integral part of our organization. In 2009 yet another group requested and became partners with us in our fundraising activities... these ladies live in Houston, BC. We do have a small but mighty army of men who work behind the scenes. These grand gents cut and sand boards, help with promotional materials, and are great support to their wives toting boxes, sewing machines, and the like.

Each Thursday since our group's inception, the ladies can be found at Trinity Baptist Church, Kelowna, who have graciously donated work space to us. These grandmothers and grand 'others' cut material, pin, glue sew or whatever the task, diligently for up to five hours. It is, however, not all work. The bags are marketed; a meeting is held with updates and decisions made; lots of friendships and fellowship is experienced weekly; and, of course, a coffee break with goodies is a highlight of the day. We are always delighted to welcome new volunteers.

















Contacts: Wilma Lepin @ 250-769-7352 (

Darlene Garrie @ 250-860-2862 (


Below pictures an elderly grandmother from Tanzania whom we help care for her orphaned grandson. .


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About Us
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About Us