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Since the formation of our group in 2007, the Kelowna Gifts to Grandmothers has embarked on a variety of projects in order to fulfil our goals of assisting and empowering African women and the children for whom they care.

Below is a list of the projects which have been accomplished or are presently in process, a short description of the project where necessary and the field agents with whom we work.

* Homes built for three Nigerian grandmothers who care for their orphaned grandchildren, working with Gechaan.

* Assisted in establishing four Mutual Benefit Societies with A.C.T.S. in Uganda. MB Societies are small groups of women who are given land, seeds, farm implements or animals and helped to form their own cooperative group to raise food and finances for their struggling families.

* Through KIVA, we have made thirty micro-loans thus far to widows in fourteen different African countries to encourage their entrepreneurial endeavours.

* Monthly support of ten orphan children in Tanzania who live with their widowed grandmothers or 'aunts' as part of the MWANZA Project.

*In cooperation with Grannies-a-gogo in Vernon, we are assisting work in Sabe, South Africa. We are in the process of funding a new community centre for grandmothers and helped with a Feeding Program for three hundred children in financial crisis.

*On an ongoing basis, we are committed to educating eight grandchildren of a Ugandan widowed grandmother who cares for them. Our field partner is ACTS.

* Assisting a Ghannian nurse receive her education so that she might continue to help women in her country to have better health, education and empowerment through her GROW Program.






Our G to G group collected several sewing machines to be sent to Cameroon. The machines were refurbished so they were sent in good working order. Preview the video courtesy of BC Daily (above)

Below are pictured the Ugandan members of the Mutual Benefit Society working their plot of land and in turn providing a better life for themselves and their children.


'Treadle Machines to Cameroon' Video spring 2009
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