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Our original fundraising endeavour was the designing and sewing of these beautiful and useful TOTES BAGS. All of the bags are lovingly made by our volunteers on an assembly-type basis. Some ladies cut the inner screens and fabrics, others pin the handles and pockets. The sewers then put them all together to arrive at the finished product. Each bag is unique and all carry our G to G symbol to easily identify them. Many of these bags can be seen on the arms of ladies around the Kelowna area, however, they have been sent all over Canada, USA, and even internationally to a number of countries.

Within a short time requests were being made for a smaller bag and one of our ladies designed one that would compliment our ongoing sales of tote bags. We call these MAUREEN'S MINIS and they became an instant hit for gals who desired a small soft shoulder bag to just carry the few necessities each lady needs as she goes out on the town.

The latest additions to our fundraising project are some bags that appeal greatly to the younger women. These are the very popular SLOUCH and 'HIPPIE' BAGS. The material for these bags come in a variety of designs that have a wide appeal to all ages and styles. They are soft, with pockets and adjustable straps to fit all heights and sizes of purchasers.

Additional products include hand made SHOE or WINE BAGS, GLASSES' CASES, and some JEWELRY.

For the little girls who accompany their Moms and Grandmas as they purchase our bags, we have SKIRT PURSES. These colorful purses resemble a skirt and provide plenty of 'bling' that little girls love to wear for their dress up occasions.






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